Track 5

A.I in Electronics

AI will raise dives and jumps without caring about any single ground. It will use whatever it takes to improve Plan and prototyping of electronic panels and progressive devices for combination in equipment and telemedicine, ARM Key Design, User interface design embedded systems under Linux, Programming of microprocessors for data attainment, controller and progressive communications.

Data scrutiny in intelligent structures: Design of practice algorithms and design of experiments. Feature collection, feature-based course optimization, dynamic data series clustering, output model prediction Specific growths for sustainable movement: domestic and collective electric vehicle charging systems, demand analysis of loads, energy delivery affording to limitations, localization, and control systems, carpooling, car sharing, route optimization.

Related Societies: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), USA | British Automation and Robot Association (BARA) UK | Association Franchise pour Artificial Intelligence, France | Canadian Artificial Intelligence Canada | Japan Robot Association (JARA) Japan | International Federation of Robotics(IFR), Germany.