Mr Abiud Ademir Bermudez Aguilar

Biography: Ademir Bermúdez Aguilar, has a degree in Statistics graduated from the University of El Salvador, currently works at the Gerardo Barrios University as a researcher and coordinator of the INNOTECH UGB Team, over time he has taught robotics workshops, lectures, conferences, presentations both at the level National and international, in the countries of Nicaragua, Mexico and Los Angeles California, its main projects within the institution are Robotito, Robot Alan T. For service and AI (a fairly advanced project), ROBI for social interaction for children with special needs as Autism, among others, in turn works in the company Nutrition as support in the robotics project and in his own company that is under development with the name of ESROBOTICA, where Robot A came from (all versions since A01 until version A09, hoping one day to have a multifunctional robot)
Title:The Robot A09, semi humanoid robot for education.