Program Schedule

AI Robotics 2019 | Tentative Schedule

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Presentations

Morgan C Wang

Using “EasyMine“ – An Automatic Intelligent Model Building System To Develop Financial Products Recommendation System

Morgan C Wang , University of Central Florida, USA

Parameshwar P Iyer

From knowledge to Wealth: Intellectual property and technology licensing at the Indian institute of science, Bangalore

Parameshwar P Iyer , Indian Institute of Science, India

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Networking and Refreshments Break

Keynote Presentations

Claudio Turchetti

Manifold Learning: a new way to describe data

Claudio Turchetti , Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

Boris Stilman

Intelligent Strategies for Defense Systems: Outsmarting Human Commanders          

Boris Stilman , University of Colorado Denver, USA

Sofia Meacham

Explainable AI as vital element for AI adoption in several application areas ranging from business processes to autonomous cars and to robotics and their applications

Sofia Meacham , Bournemouth University, UK

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Speaker Sessions

Giampiero Giacomello

Why Big Data cannot Evolve without social scientists

Giampiero Giacomello , University of Bologna, Italy

Abdul Basit

Entropy is a tool of measuring the behavior of International Trade

Abdul Basit , Central bank of Pakistan, Pakistan

Manish Pathak

Optimal eeature selection for High dimensional Adtech Data

Manish Pathak , MIQ Digital India Pvt. Ltd, India

Abbas M Al-Bakry

Computer aid Diagnosis framework in Cloud Environment based on multi agents systems

Abbas M Al-Bakry , University of IT and Communications in Baghdad, Iraq

Networking and Refreshments Break

Speaker Sessions

Shubham Gupta, Parth Savjani

Multivariate creative optimisation in Digital Marketing

Shubham Gupta, Parth Savjani , MIQ Digital India Pvt. Ltd, India

video Presentation

Fionn Murtagh

Analytical focus and contextuality, exploiting resolution scale, addressing bias

Fionn Murtagh , University of Huddersfield, UK

Keynote Presentations

Alla Sapronova

Forecasting rare events: customizing sampling and loss function for predictive classifier

Alla Sapronova , StormGeo LLC, Norway

Francesco Diaz

Leverage cloud computing services to design an excellent service for patients

Francesco Diaz , Insight Technology Solutions SRL, Italy

Ergi Sener

Disrupting retail analysis with AI powered advanced analytics solution - BonAir

Ergi Sener , IdeaField, Holland

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Networking and Refreshments Break


Boris Stilman

Discovering the Discoveries

Boris Stilman , University of Colorado Denver, USA

Lunch Break

Speaker Sessions

Massimiliano Minaudo

Computational Process, Statistics and Economics through new tools or software for Data Mining

Massimiliano Minaudo , University of Palermo, Italy

Pradip Ramdas Nichite, Anshuman Gupta, Manish Pathak

Identification of high performing Contextual strategies for Digital advertising

Pradip Ramdas Nichite, Anshuman Gupta, Manish Pathak , MIQ Digital India Pvt. Ltd, India

Salam Hajjar

Safe Design of Embedded Control Systems

Salam Hajjar , Marshall University, USA

Abdelghani Azri

Recommender Systems: SGD vs ALS for Matrix Factorization

Abdelghani Azri , University Hassan Premier of Settat Morocco, Morocco